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New Email Setup Instructions

Important Email Configuration Information
Basic Step-by-Step Instructions for Outlook Express
Common Issues Regarding the New Email System

Important POP/IMAP Settings for Outlook, Outlook Express and other POP/IMAP Clients
Email setup help links (from Google's site)
Your account name will be your full email address, not just the username before the "@" sign.  So in Outlook or Outlook Express the account name should be  You do not have a account so if you follow the instructions at the link above, keep this in mind and use your anywhere it asks for an email address or account name.

Inbound POP Server:
Inbound POP Port: 995
POP server requires SSL

Inbound IMAP Server:
Inbound IMAP Port: 993
IMAP server requires SSL

Outbound SMTP Server:
Outbound SMTP Port: 465 (SSL) or 587 (TLS)
Outbound SMTP requires authentications (checkbox) and the type of encryption should be SSL or TLS.

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This is a basic rundown of the steps required to enable support for Outlook Express with the new email system.

Enable POP/IMAP support via web-based email.
    - Access your email via the "Web-based E-mail" link on the Osage Connect web site.   You login with just your account name(dropping the and the password you set or were provided.
    - Once logged in, you should be able to view your list of current email.   Open the "Settings..." menu at the top of the web page.  You should be able to see various settings relating to your email account.   You should select the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" link.  Once you access the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" menu.  The easiest option is to enable both POP and IMAP at this point.  Select the "Enable POP/IMAP" buttons and "Save Changes".

Configure Outlook Express for POP secure Email access.
    - Once you have enabled POP/IMAP support with the procedure above, you are ready to configure Outlook Express. 
    - Open up Outlook Express, select "Tools"... then "Accounts"... and select the "Mail" tab.   You can either remove your old settings or modify them.   Either way you need to modify the settings of the account to reflect the information  in the Important Email Configuration Information section above.
    - Open properties for your email account, select the General tab and make sure your email address is set to your new account, with the extension.  You can also modify the first entry which may be set to "" or "" and change it to "Osage Connect" for reference, it is not important though.  If you make any changes, click "Apply".
    - Select the "Servers" tab.  Verify that the incoming mail server is a "POP3" server.  Then correct the incoming mail server to say "" and the outgoing email server to "" without the quotes.   Then in the next section under Account name, enter your full email address WITH the, and retype the password to reflect what it should be set to.  You should not use your "temporary password", you should have changed it when you first signed on to your web-based email.   Make sure that "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" is NOT checked.    The "My server requires authentication" in the Outgoing Mail Server section SHOULD be checked.   Click "Apply" to save the changes you made.
    - Finally, Select the "Advanced" tab.  Check the two boxes that say "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)".   When you check these two boxes, the Incoming mail box should automatically be changed to 995, which is correct.  The Outgoing mail will remain set to 25, but must be changed to 465.  Once you have made these changes, click "Apply" to save the changes.

You should now be able to close out of any open windows and try to retrieve your email by clicking "send/receive".   If you can receive your email and you can send email, your account should function identically to the way it did prior to the email change.

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Common Issues Regarding New Email Accounts
New E-mail account names and passwords are for EMAIL ONLY, your credentials for connecting to the Internet will remain the same.

You are NOT required to use an email account.  If you already have a Google or even a Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL account you can use your existing email instead.  Send any alternate email addresses for billing notifications to

Once you receive confirmation of your new email address and your temporary password, you will need to "activate" your account via the link provided in the email.   Your temporary password IS case sensitive.   You will also need to agree to the usage agreement and type the "warped code" displayed on the screen where appropriate as well as change your password.  Once you have completed "activation" your web based email is ready for use and can be accessed via the link above.   You can start using your new email address immediately.

The web-based email comes in several different flavors, for dialup users we recommend using the "Basic HTML" version which you can select and save as your default view.   The "standard" version loads a number of applications and add-ons for features like spell checking, but causes a delay as it is downloaded.

IF you wish to use Outlook or Outlook Express you will have to enable POP or IMAP support in the "Settings" menu of the web-based email system.  It is NOT enabled by default.  Once you have "enabled" POP/IMAP support, follow the "Configuration Instructions" links provided in the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" settings page.  You should follow the instructions for your particular email client step-by-step in all regards, except where it asks for your email address, you should use your new instead.

In order to access you web-based email, you need to use the link above.  While Osage Connect is using a service provided by Google for providing email, the systems are separate and you will NOT be able to login to your Osage Connect email address via a link on the regular Google site.   When logging into the link below, you just use your username, the is already assumed.  (This is different from POP/IMAP settings below) The link you can save as a favorite is as follows:
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